Orbit Tzatziki Sour  339ml (4.3%)
Orbit Tzatziki Sour  339ml (4.3%) - indiebeer

Always an indiebeer favourite this deliciously refreshing tzatsiki inspired beer is made with fresh cucumber, yoghurt and mint notes in keeping with its namesake. Berliner weisse influenced kettle sour, inspired by Head Brewer Pauls double summer holiday to Brussels, Belgium and Symi, Greece. A mildly tart sour beer emulating the flavours of the classic Greek yoghurt dip. A clean, vibrant, and zingy summer refresher. Straw yellow colour, hazy, white foamy head with aromas of cucumber, mint, yoghurt and lemon & lime citrus with light malt character. Creamy smooth mouthfeel but mildly tart lactic sourness. Light & dry finish with mellow bitterness and soft to medium carbonation

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