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Impossibrew Enhanced Pale Ale Alcohol Free 440ml (0.5%)
Impossibrew Enhanced Pale Ale Alcohol Free 440ml (0.5%)

A brand new innovation from newly launched brand Impossibrew. An plant power enhanced Pale Ale brewed for relaxation - no alcohol required. A hazy, fluffy and exceptionally full-bodied Pale Ale with tropical, fruity notes of peach, pineapple and mango coupled with a lasting hoppy finish.

Brewed with Social Blend™. Developed with active, plant-powered ingredients designed for boosting serotonin, without drowsiness. The result of 2 years research working with botanists and neuroscientists to create a naturally relaxing experience for the brain that reminds you of alcohol, but without the hangover!

Impossibrew's Social Blend™ consist's of L-Theanine (an active amino acid in green tea known for relaxation and anxiety relief), Ginseng Extract, Griffonia Seed Extract (a natural building block of serotonin, the brains happiness neurotransmitter), Citrus Extract and Vitamin B1.

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