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your guide to beer 

We are committed to sharing our knowledge and expertise with you, demystifying the world of beer and guiding you through every step of your beer journey. 

All you need to know about the world of beer can be discovered here. From how this beautiful beverage is brewed, to simple explanations of different beer styles and brewing ingredients. As experts in beer we are here to simplify, clarify and cut through the jargon to help you decipher some of the words you'll see on beer packaging. Uniting you with your perfect beer is our passion.

So, what is all the fuss about beer at the moment? Why is there much more variety these days? Only a few years ago most shops were just stocking pale Lagers and traditional Bitters.

Well, in truth, not that much has changed in beer over the centuries. The way it’s made obviously moves forward with technological advancements; but what else has changed? The difference is a connected world and the distribution of knowledge.

For example, there have always been sour beers from Belgium and smoked dark Lagers from Germany. The difference is that, historically, these were styles that were only really enjoyed in their country of origin. Here in the UK, it is historically Cask beer that we’re famous for. More on cask beer in a bit...

What really caused the change and the growth of the movement known as "craft beer" (a term that always causes debate) is that brewers now have access to the full spectrum of ingredients, as well as brewing knowledge that previously might have only been passed down through generations of the same family.

So, are you ready to explore a bit more? 

what is beer

the four magic ingredients are water, malt, hops and yeast. explore brewing basics here


delve deeper into the main brewing ingredients

beer styles

ipa, pale ale, lager, stout, porter, sour, saison. what's the difference...

credit where credits due. the majority of content in this part of our website has been written for us by Dan Lyons; a talented beer writer, homebrewer and all round beer enthusiast.

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