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beer style guide

Beer comes in all sorts of colours, flavours and styles – and these styles all vary depending on the colour of the malt, the use of hops and different yeast strains.

Some of the main styles include: Pale Ales, Wheat, IPAs, Sours, Stouts & Porters, Lagers, and Saisons. If you’d like to discover and learn about each style, just click on the style that sounds interesting to you. 

pale ale






stout & porter

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what is beer

the four magic ingredients are water, malt, hops and yeast. explore brewing basics here.


ipa, pale ale, lager, stout, porter, sour, saison. 

what’s the difference…

credit where credits due.  the majority of content in this part of our website has been written for us by Dan Lyons; a talented beer writer, homebrewer and all round beer enthusiast.

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