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A toast to the local!

A toast to the local!

As the government has decided to relax COVID restrictions, some of our sorely missed pubs have reopened their doors and many others are planning to open quite soon.  The glorious local is back in business! 


So we figured, why not celebrate our locals too. As we’re Holloway Road, N7, here’s a round up of some of the great local breweries. Whether you find these as a guest in the nearest pub, or in our store, nobody would be the same without their local – so cheers to them!

Gravity Well

Less than a year old, this local brewery started life as a home brewing dream in Holloway.  The hard work and determination to brew the absolute best beers really shines through in the likes of Termination Shock and Galaxies Apart.  Now firmly on the radar of hoppy beer lovers across the country, expect even more exciting things to come in near future.


As close to home as it gets, and responsible for some of the best core beers you’ll find nearby, across most popular styles. Check practically any good Islington boozer and you should have a pint of Hammerton in no time – whether you’re N1 or N7. The Steam Lager is an icon of theirs and the London beer scene.  

Howling Hops

The Hackney brewery does everything well, but the clue is in the name here: Hops, not Howling! Whether it’s a juicy NEIPA, a bitter West Coast, a Double Dry-Hopped Pale Ale, or Single Hop Pale Ale you’re after – they’ll have you covered. If you want to be hit with hops and not abv, they have the very fruity and hugely flavourful 3.8% Tropical Delux Pale Ale. Hops galore, in any good local.    

Orbit Beers

While Orbit have their fingers in practically every style of beer, both in bottles and on tap, if you’re looking for a good sour – look for Orbit. The south London brewery’s flavour combinations range from clean & crisp Nico Kolsch lager to taste explosion Tzatziki Sour.  Whats not to like about Orbit.

Pressure Drop

Based up the road in Tottenham (via Hackney) Pressure Drop are steamrolling into their 7th year and are consistently upping their game. Every Pressure Drop beer is good, but Pale Ales are where they thrive. Not only are they brewing some of the most delicious Pale Ales in London, they’re also brewing more batches of Pale Ales than most. Whether you want something bursting with hops or smooth and fruity, they'll serve you well. 

Solvay Society

Born in Belgium and based in Leytonstone (East London), Solvay Society is London’s saison powerhouse. While they brew Stouts, Pales and even Tripels, it's their Saisons that they are best known for. Whether it’s a seasonal or table, the Saisons are always unique, refreshing and moreish. 

The Kernel

An institution everywhere, but born and brewed in London. Kernel do everything very well but are truly unmatched on Stouts and Porters. The Export India Porter is widely available around London and is sublime, especially for its price point. However, if you ever spot their Export Stout - London 1890, don’t hesitate to buy it. It’s based on an Export Stout recipe from an old London brewery (1890 is when the recipe was made) and you won’t have tasted anything quite like it. 

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