Zundert 8 Trappist Tripel 330ml (8%)

One of only two Dutch Trappist breweries, Zundert Trappist (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈzɵndərt]) is a Trappist beer produced by De Kievit Trappist Brewery, part of the Trappist abbey Maria Toevlucht, from the town of Zundert in the Netherlands.

Top-fermented beer with secondary fermentation in the bottle.

Zundert 8 has a promising scent with a hint of herbs and spices. At the start, the beer is floral and slightly sweet. Give the beer some time and the character evolves from light caramel to a nice and dry hop bitterness. In the long finish, the bitters flow together with a pleasant spiciness in the background. Zundert 8 is chestnut colored and contains 8% alcohol.

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