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Will Brau Pilgerstoff Vienna Lager 500ml (5.2%)
Will Brau Pilgerstoff Vienna Lager 500ml (5.2%)

Named after the traditional pilgrimage site in the Rhön, at the foot of which the Hochstiftliche Brauhaus in Bayern / Motten is located. A very special beer specialty - not just for thirsty pilgrims' throats!

According to an old tradition, the pilgrim material matures in the cold storage cellar for at least eight weeks into a full-bodied and perfectly rounded masterpiece.

The rustic beer specialty presents itself in a clear look of dark amber with a velvety soft head. It impresses with its strong, spicy body, which shows slight hints of roasted malt notes. At the same time it is fresh to the taste and perfectly harmonious in the finish.


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