Varvar Herfstblues Flanders Brown Sour Ale 375ml (7.6%) (UKRAINE FUNDRAISER)

Flanders brown ale, which has a rich history in Varvar Brew. Two-thirds of this beer has been aged for 3+ years. Then blended with one-third of young beer, before being aged for a year in red wine barrels.

This beer is part of a shipment rescued by our distributor from Kyiv-based craft brewer Varvar Brew in a show of support and to raise money for the people of Ukraine. The brewery has had to close down since the invasion and is desperate to raise much-needed funds for food, medicine, to pay taxes and wages and to support the country as a whole.

100% of profits generated from the sale of this beer - by both the distributor and indiebeer - will be donated to the Drinkers for Ukraine fundraiser for the Red Cross humanitarian relief effort in Ukraine.

You can read more about the initiative here

NB - Please note that contrary to UK labelling regulations, the date on the label is the date it was produced, not the best before date.

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