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Twisted Kombucha  Hibiscus, Strawberry & Ginger Naturally Fermented Living Tea 330ml (0%)

Twisted Kombucha is unpasteurised, undiluted and unfiltered thus preserving the live probiotic benefits not present to this level in all Kombucha's.  The Twisted Kombucha recipe has been thoughtfully created by Lou, Nutritionalist and Food Scientist, brimming with all the good stuff, 100% raw, including the active cultures and lower in sugar than many kombucha's.

Organic acids present in Kombucha are known to aid detoxification, blood circulation, joint health and cellular energy production. 

Specially blended with antioxidant rich Japanese Sencha Green Tea and Chinese Black Tea with Passion Flower, Strawberry, Cold pressed ginger, Hibiscus

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