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Trial & Ale Pitahaya Dragonfruit Wild Ale 750ml (6.4%)
Trial & Ale Pitahaya Dragonfruit Wild Ale 750ml (6.4%)

From America's amazing Trial & Ale brewery, comes this Dragonfruit Wild Ale. The Dragonfruit is one of nature’s most beautiful edible offerings. Pink and green with pineapple like folds and turns, it protects the purple-red or stark white interior flesh of this delicate fruit. The flavour contained within could best be described as timid, but still bold.

To make sure that these subtle fruit flavours came through the brewery added so much Dragonfruit to this blend that they needed two tanks to fruit it. Like 50% more fruit than their highest fruited blend. This release holds the Trial & Ale record for “most fruit ever” and they could not be happier with the results. A winelike profile, with almost no tannin extraction. A flirtatious Brettanomyces linger brings the taste home. This blend benefits from a serving temp slightly lower than cellar tempertature (i.e. less than 10 degrees). Will develop over time.

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