Speciation Stop Codon Foeder Aged Spontaneous Ale 375ml (7%)

Foeder Aged Spontaneous Ale with Orange Zest, Cocoa Nibs, Fenugreek, & Tamarind - This beer has taken quite the journey to get here! Over two years ago Speciation Artisan Ales decided that they wanted to add variety to lineup of spontaneous beers, so they brewed an amber base, cooled it overnight in the coolship, and threw it down into a 30bbl oak foeder. After two years of aging and mellowing out, followed by some light additions of spices and tangy tamarind to up the complexity even more, the resulting beer allows the old world sour base to shine through, while also giving you something new on every sip. In the end only 1512 bottes of this beautiful beer were produced.

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