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Seven Islands Sunday Stack Imperial Stout 440ml (12%)
Seven Islands Sunday Stack Imperial Stout 440ml (12%) - indiebeer

IMPY Stout with Macadamia Nuts, Blueberry, Maple Syrup, Chocolate & Vanilla.

Close your eyes and Imagine having a 10 layer stack of fluffy and caramelised pancakes with luscious amounts of Canadian maple syrup dripping from the top layer to the bottom of the stack , blackberry & blueberry jam between layers and drizzle of crushed macadamia nuts together with Tahitian vanilla whipped cream ....
Can you imagine that ?

Well don’t actually have to imagine that cause Seven Islands have made an imperial stout that tastes exactly like this :).

To achieve that they used ridiculous amounts of blueberries, blackberries ,Canadian maple syrup, macadamia nuts and lactose.



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