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Pollys Brew Co Progress Blues Best Bitter 440ml (4.5%)
Pollys Brew Co Progress Blues Best Bitter 440ml (4.5%) - indiebeer

It's always been a running joke amongst Polly's that they should produce a Best Bitter, often getting a chuckle from the team whenever it's mentioned. With it now being a full calendar year since some of us have been to the pub though, they all agreed that one of the things they've missed most throughout this whole lockdown period has been the familiar warmth of a pint of cask bitter. This beer, whilst not dripping in insane dry-hopping rates, gives that familiarity of the pub that is within literal touching distance. Letting the malt lead here, with small additions of Cascade and East Kent Goldings for a pleasant bitterness, and fermented out with SO4 for a little bit of haze to remind that this is definitely Polly's.


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