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Pollys Brew Co Introducing Blooms DDH IPA 440ml (7.2%)
Pollys Brew Co Introducing Blooms DDH IPA 440ml (7.2%)

The end of the year is always the best for any hop-forward beer fan, as breweries take a look through the hop store, and pack as much as they physically can into a beer. Pollys discovered they they had plenty of El Dorado, Citra and Simcoe sitting in the cold store, so naturally they fell upon the idea of hopping an IPA to the same level as one of their DIPAs for a full on flavour explosion of a beer. As you do! Citra and Simcoe is a classic Polly's combo, positively dripping with grapefruit, tropical, and pine notes, but adding El Dorado brings it to an entirely new level, adding pear, watermelon and stonefruit flavours to the party. Generously hopped using their new "pyramid" technique, each level of this beer is distinct in its flavour and an absolutely incredible experience from start to finish.


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