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Polly's Brew Co Fady IPA 440ml (6.5%)
Pollys Brew Co Fady IPA 440ml (6.5%) - indiebeer

There's just something about beers when they hit that 6.5% mark. We can't quite describe what it is, whether it's the mouthfeel being full enough to not be soupy, or the hop intensity to be just bang on the money without being too overpowering, there's just...something perfect about this sweet spot. Fady makes no exception to this rule, with a relatively low key dry hop charge of 10kg each of Chinook and Mosaic, and smaller 5kg additions of Citra and Ekuanot. This reeled back approach to the hop bill doesn't take any liberties with the flavour profile however, with a crescendo of tangerine, mango and grapefruit notes, before being reeled back in with piney bitterness from the old school hops. All wrapped up in Polly's signature LA3 yeast strain.


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