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Pollys Brew Co DDH Rosa - TIPA 440ml (10%)
Pollys Brew Co DDH Rosa - TIPA 440ml (10%) - indiebeer

The latest super juicy smooth and delicious TIPA offering from MASTERS of the TIPA 2020, Polly's. If it is anything like it's predecessors it will taste dangerously not like a 10% beer at all and will slip down way too easily. We have great expectations for this, the 3rd in the trilogy. And beautifully wrapped up in an insanely pretty can (not that we are so shallow to judge a can by its cover ;) ).

Here is what Polly's say.....

It was only a matter of time, wasn't it? The original Augment trilogy is now complete, as Rosa now joins its siblings Spur and Patternist in the TIPA club. Overwhelmingly popular every time we've brewed it previously, each incarnation of the headline act of our original three has progressively gotten better and better, and we've spared no expense on this version either. Featuring an insane 70kg of hops - ten in the whirlpool, sixty in the dry hop, we've given this version of our most well-renowned beer an extra lashing of Galaxy alongside its superstar lineup of Citra, Mosaic, Columbus and Ekuanot, just to give it that little push into the stratosphere. Our favourite DIPA to brew, now in TIPA form, Rosa blooms with a bouquet of everything dank and juicy.


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