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Pollys Brew Co Birthday Beer QIPA 440ml (13%) - 1 per person limit
Pollys Brew Co Birthday Beer QIPA 440ml (13%) - 1 per person limit - indiebeer

1 per person limit please - we hate to limit quantities but would love everyone to get the chance to try this much anticipated Birthday Quadruple IPA :).

This birthday felt like a big one for team Polly's after the last twelve months, so they decided to go big or go home this January and they've totally knocked this one out of the park! With new brewing vessels landing in the brewery, they decided to give the rickety old brew kit that carried them through their first three years one hell of a send off with the single biggest beer they’ve ever brewed – pushing themselves and their equipment to the very limit. So big they had to brew it in two separate batches; they’ve mega-charged this beer with a 15kg whirlpool addition of Chinook, Mosaic and Simcoe to offset the sweetness of the mash, and rounded off with an 80kg dry-hop addition of Citra, Mosaic, Simcoe, Sabro, to create a potent, bonafide hop bomb; bringing all manner of sticky, juicy tropical notes, and piney bitterness to play off the warming booze in this feat of alchemy from the brew kit that served them so well for the last three years. Happy birthday Polly's!


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