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Pollys Brew Co A Cosy Decomposer - DDH IPA 440ml (6.6%)
Pollys Brew Co A Cosy Decomposer - DDH IPA 440ml (6.6%)

Azacca is a big favourite at Polly's and for good reason. Named for the Haitian god of agriculture, and bred specifically to accentuate the intense sweet, tropical notes it imparts, this varietal is grossly underused and underrated in a sea of more popular hype hops. Letting it do its thing in a single hop showcase seemed the most fitting tribute for this awesome hop, and in a "well, why not" move Polly's decided to up the dry-hop bill to DIPA levels, with an insane 40kg added during fermentation.
Wrapped up in a hearty lashing of LA3 yeast for maximum suspension, the result is a thick, juicy IPA, bursting with tonnes of mango, stone fruit, and pineapple notes, before levelling off with a healthy tickling of bitterness on the end for ultimate balance.


1 Personalised Beer Box
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