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Pohjala Tuul Imperial Gose 330ml (8%)
Pohjala Tuul Imperial Gose 330ml (8%) - indiebeer

An Imperial Gose brewed with white currants, flaked spelt, Himalayan pink salt, and coriander seeds.

Taste: Tart and sticky freshly squeezed white currant blends with a delicate saltiness and hints of floral sweetness, with yet more suggestions of an excellent dry, vinous quality. Sweet melon and fresh peach and a hint of tannins come through balancing the act, before finishing on a delicately sour, fresh berry-forward linger.

Appearance: Light yellow with a pale white head.

Nose: Sweet freshly zested lemon and apricots blend with an intense mineral-driven white wine - a few seconds later jammy white currant and a spark of acidity breezes in, lingering on the nose as Tuul invites you to explore deeper.


1 Personalised Beer Box
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