Northern Monk x To 0l x Third Moon Collab Patrons Project 24.06 / Let It Flow / Laid Back Reinheitsgebot Imperial Pastry Stout 440ml (11%)

Collaborating with To 0l & Third Moon for our next illusion, we're presenting you with this: a rich and viscous imperial stout full of the Mount Rushmore of pastry stout adjuncts: chocolates both Milk and Dark, somewhere in the region of 80% cacao; bitter, fruity roasted coffee beans; juicy maraschino cherry steeped in heady liqueur; shavings of flaked coconut toasted just to the point where the sugars catch, and a drizzle of honey. Except, none of those things are really there.

This cocktail of indulgence is actually the product of three elements - Water, Grain, and Hops. This liquid pastry counter, this dessert-trolley in a can, this vat of excess is, shockingly, (almost) in line with the Reinheitsgebot purity law.

Simpsons’ DRC and Munich malt bring cheek-swelling fruitiness, Carafa Special and Pale Chocolate for - you guessed it - chocolate and intense roasted coffee, plus Biscuit and Gambrinus Honey malt for speculoos sweetness, plus Sabro’s signature coconut notes.

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