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Northern Monk x Other Half Collab Best Bitter 440ml (4.3%)
Northern Monk x Other Half Collab Best Bitter 440ml (4.3%) - indiebeer

Another collaboration envisioned in the lead up to the unfortunately cancelled Hop City. Through a mutual love of best bitter, Northern Monk came together with Other Half, NYC, to put together their own interpretation of the style.

With a blend of modern and traditional UK hop varieties, taking the floral orange character of East Kent Goldings and pairing them with Ernest, a relatively new variety born of the UK hop breeding programme, which brings pungent stone fruit and citrus aromas. For malt, floor malted Golden Promise from Fawcetts in Castleford was chosen and backed with a blend of pale crystals, lightly toasted amber malts and a touch of oat malt for mouthfeel and foam stability. Finally, the beer was fermented with a true Yorkshire ale strain for a classic ester profile which will take your mind straight to that cosy corner of your favourite ale house.


1 Personalised Beer Box
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