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Northern Monk Patrons Project 26.02: Culinary Adventures: Scarborough - Double Cone Strawberry Chocolate Vanilla Ice Cream Pale 440ml (8.2%)

Northern Monk's patrons series tour with Sarah Harris takes us to the Scarborough coast. The sun is in the sky, the fish and chips were fresh and salty and all that is left is to complete the perfect day is to head down to the beach, picking up a double cone ice cream (with flake) on the way! This double ice cream pale is designed to replicate that taste of the seaside in delicious beer form. The beer is built up over a base of silky flaked oats and mouthfeel-building chit malt as part of an extra pale malt grist. To bring out the creaminess, they combined lactose milk sugar and Madagascan vanilla to bring out the most classic of ice cream flavours. For the second scoop, they went with 100g/l of strawberry puree during fermentation and finished off with the all-important flake, with a late addition of milk chocolate.

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