Northern Monk Patrons Project 25.07 / Laura Slater / Offset / Citra DIPA 440ml (8.5%)

Northern Monk couldn’t draw the final curtain on Laura Slater’s series of single-hop IPAs with anything other than the undisputed king of modern hoppy beers, Citra.

Found in the hop bill of more IPAs than any other hop, Citra’s tropical fruit and citrus character is ubiquitous, providing a juicy canvas for other hops’ flavour profiles to bounce off of, it’s a workhorse of a hop, but rarely gets to enjoy the spotlight without sharing the stage and be appreciated on its own.

Using three forms of Citra - incognito, cryo, and T90 - to deliver maximum intensity and depth of flavour until the pillowy soft and fluffy base of unsalted oats and wheat is saturated in sweet, juicy mango and pineapple, with tangy passionfruit and lemon drizzle cutting through

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