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Northern Monk Patrons Project / 11.03 / Oat Wine w/ Orange Zest & Cinnamon 440ml (13%)
Northern Monk Patrons Project / 11.03 / Oat Wine w/ Orange Zest & Cinnamon 440ml (13%)

Oat Wine is a spin on a Barley Wine with some of the Barley replaced with Oats. Barley wine is a strong, amber coloured, caramelly, malt forward beer. Not a wine at all, as the name confusingly suggests!

This third collaboration between Northern Monk and Lord Whitney (a creative studio specialising in make-believe) is inspired by the flavours and traditions of merriment and mischief associated with the winter season. Taking influence from drinks such as wassail and mulled wine amongst other things, they put together this rich, warming oat wine.

With the goal to brew something strong, sweet and malt-forward, they decided to move past the more traditional barley wine, and instead base the recipe around oats, which as well as being good for improving mouthfeel in NEIPAs, bring a nutty, honey-like flavour and an earthy, seasonal spice when used in high volumes. A mix of malted and naked oats was backed up with some barley and maize to help boost extraction and add an extra element of complexity, bringing with it flavours of lightly toasted bread, corn, and a touch of caramel sweetness.

Double-mashed, and with added sugars to boost the fermentables in the wort, at the end of the 10-day fermentation the beer was transferred to condition on 15g/l of orange zest and Sri Lankan cinnamon sticks for two weeks, until the flavours balanced with the spicy, silky base beer.


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