Monthly Bottle Share - Reserve a space!

Bottle sharing is caring 🍺🍾 🤟 

You have to love beer. How many other industries would encourage you to bring in a beer from another establishment?

Well, that is exactly what we do once a month when we reserve an area in the shop for bottle share night.  Note, that the shop remains open as usual throughout.

We limit spaces at the table so that everyone gets to try a nice amount of each beer.


This is a FREE event but it helps everyone out if we know that you are coming, so please register for a space by ordering one of these free tickets! 🆓

Fyi, your confirmation email will count as your event ticket.

Additional dates will be added over the coming months.

Haven’t been to a bottle share before? 👀

The clue is in the name! Everyone brings a beer that they would like to experience with a group. It can be a bottle that you have tucked away at the back of the cupboard, or if you don’t have a big bottle, you are welcome to purchase something from our Sharing Bottle fridge.

There will be up to 8 people so we suggest that everyone brings a 600ml + bottle of beer! Or two cans of the same exciting beer will do the same job.

We will also be pulling out some beers from our cellar. It’s a great way to try different styles of beer. 😎


Feel free to ask if you have any questions.


Clare & Owen

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