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Mikkeller Henry & His Science Alcohol Free Pale Ale 330ml (0.3%)
Mikkeller Henry & His Science Alcohol Free Pale Ale 330ml (0.3%)

Henry and his Science is the first beer in a new series from Mikkeller using a dfferent brewing technique. Mikkeller have worked intensively with their Belgian collaborator De Proefbrouwerij over three years to develop a new style of non-alcoholic beers called Flemish Primitive, using their own yeast strain mikkellensis.

In the recipes of the ‘Flemish Primitive’ the brewer chooses raw materials, which support the body of the beer, but do not give specific overwhelming, recognisable aromas. Typically a neutral Pilsner malt is used accompanied by some other neutral (non caramelised or roasted) grains like wheat, rye, oats, etc. The influence of hops is also kept to a minimum.

This is so that these beers showcase how microorganisms such as yeast influence the beer. Flemish Primitive beers can be fruity or funky and are often accompanied by lactic or acetic acidity, which might give you give the impression of drinking a marriage between beer and lemonade. These beers are low in alcohol, pleasant and easily drinkable.

Henry and his Science has a passion fruit flavour and aroma that comes purely from the mikkellensis yeast.


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