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Mast Landing Windbreaker DDH IPA 473ml (6.5%)
Mast Landing Windbreaker DDH IPA 473ml (6.5%) - indiebeer

Mast Landing Brewing Company of Maine, USA was founded in the spirit of innovation, collaboration, and creativity. The brewery focus on brewing the highest quality beers whilst also using their independence and socially conscious mindset to support their local community and industry.

Some things are too iconic to go out of style. Reliable yet eye-catching, lively but not too intense to break out every day, Windbreaker is the IPA everyone needs in their lineup. A bursting palate of Citra and Idaho 7 brings out tropical notes and a pleasant citrusy quality, with a modest 6.5% and a balanced, refreshing body that encourages sip after sip.


1 Personalised Beer Box
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