Marlobobo Stevnsberry (2021) Cherry Mead 375ml (11%)
Marlobobo Stevnsberry (2021) Cherry Mead 375ml (11%)

Norwegian Meadery Marlobobo have used locally sourced wildflower honey and fruit to produce this spontaneously fermented and terroir-driven cherry mead made with Stevnsbær cherries. No added water or yeast (solely fermented from the yeast and bacteria naturally present on the cherries).

Due to both the nature of spontaneous fermentations and the use of a variety of vinification methods going into the final blend, this release will show a bigger range of differences between the vintages than many of Marlobobo's other releases.

The Stevns variety is known for its small size, deep red/burgundy color and its distinctively complex flavor. It shouldn't be taken lightly that it has been named "Nordic Grape" by many. Expect a cherry forward, semi-sweet mead with a lingering finish of honey, cherries, and notes of almond, cinnamon and vanilla. The well integrated tannins from cherry skins and oak ties it all together.

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