Marlobobo Glen Fyne Select (2021) Raspberry Mead 375ml (11%)

Norwegian Meadery Marlobobo use locally sourced honey and fruit. This raspberry mead is made with wildflower honey from Sveen Vestre and Glen Fyne raspberries from Dusgard. Handpicked and meticulously selected at perfect ripeness. One by one.

The result is an exceptionally pure and powerful expression of the raspberry variety "Glen Fyne". A variety that bursts with flavor and colour. NOFIMA (the Norwegian food research institute) recently tested them and considered them to be the sweetest and most aromatic compared to a bunch of other raspberries they had previously tested.

Marlobobo got these bonkers flavorful raspberries a little further away from where they normally source our fruit. A couple of hours away, close to Norway's largest lake, "Mjøsa". To keep it "local", they paired them with some freshly extracted and deliciously fragrant wildflower honey from a beekeeper from the same area.

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