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Left Handed Giant High Deeds IPA 440ml (6.5%)
Left Handed Giant High Deeds IPA 440ml (6.5%) - indiebeer

LHG are trying out a new yeast strain, WHC Sanders, and also using New Zealand Riwaka hops for the first time, and it turns out they work quite well together! Riwaka, referred to as 'the darling of New Zealand hops', is known for its extreme citrus flavours and aromas of grapefruit, lemon and tropical fruits, and its higher than average oil balance that provides resinous character that carries right through to the glass. Expect a powerful, fresh, fruity aroma, a bright, citrusy hop character and a soft, dry finish. The flavour profile brought by these stand-out hops really is unique and we can't get enough! With Citra Cryo and Riwaka hops.

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