Kutna Hora Gold 12 Czech Pilsner 500ml (4.9%)
Kutna Hora Gold 12 Czech Pilsner 500ml (4.9%)

The story of Kutná Hora is one of hope, faith, survival and resurrection. It is a tale that lightens the heart and directs a searchlight on the battles between independent breweries and big beer, which continues to plague not just the Czech, but the whole beer world. Kutna Hora's bottom-fermented lagers had won a wonderful reputation throughout the 20th century until Heineken took them over and closed the brewery, he says. Not happy with the loss of their much loved brewery, the locals stopped drinking anything connected with Heineken. And eventually, they won, with the brewery being reopened - once again independent - and brewing their fantastic lagers again.

The “Gold” from Kutna Hora is a full-bodied lager with higher (compared to the "Silver" 11 version) but absolutely delicious bitterness. Pleasantly grassy with a slightly sweet caramel malt body from the locally floor-malted barley finishing with a superb well-rounded bitterness from the Saaz hops on the palate. A proud flagship brew of the Kutna Hora brewery.

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