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Jester King Spon Three Year Blend (2020) 750ml (5.6%)
Jester King Spon Three Year Blend (2020) 750ml (5.6%)

Jester King, of Austin, Texas are one of the one of the legends of the US mixed fermentation scene and one of the best sour breweries in the world.

SPON Three Year Blend is 100% spontaneously fermented beer inspired by authentic Belgian Gueuze. It's a blend of three different "vintages" of beer -- in this case beer from 2019, 2018, and 2017 coolship seasons. 2020 is our 5th three year blend following our 2016 to 2019 releases.

To create SPON, we combine unfiltered well water from the Trinity Aquifer and Texas-grown malted barley and raw wheat in a turbid mash. We boil the wort for four hours with aged hops from the attic of our barn. We then chill the wort overnight in our coolship to collect native yeast from the air. The next morning we fill oak barrels and allow the beer to spontaneously ferment without pitching any yeast. After one to three years of maturation, we finally create our three-year blend and naturally condition it through fermentation in bottles and kegs. We follow a very traditional recipe and process, but ultimately create a beer uniquely tied to the terroir of the Texas Hill Country.


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