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indieofficebeer Office Beers
Beer Packages:
  • 24 beers in a box, 3 unique beers each from different breweries - the more boxes you order the larger the variety
  • Personalised beer menus with tasting notes
  • Beer requests – we will do our utmost to fulfil your specific beer requests
  • Great beers for all tastes, including vegan-friendly, gluten or alcohol free beers (contact us ahead of ordering)
  • Delivered every Thursday
  • Once you have decided that you are happy with the first Office Beer package (why wouldn’t you be!) we will follow up and discuss the frequency of future deliveries.  There is no contract, you are free to cancel anytime


2 x Box Options


Great UK Breweries

  • Variety of craft beers and styles from across the UK – only the best. 
  • Price per person £9.38 (3 beers each)
Example contents
    1. Wiper & True Kaleidoscope (4.2% Pale Ale)
    2. Pressure Drop Bosko (6.5% IPA)
    3. Tiny Rebel Stay Puff (5.2% Marshmallow Porter)


    Highly Regarded UK/International Beers

    • Well known and in-demand global craft beers. Some only available in limited quantities. 
    • Price per person £11.25 (3 beers each)
    Example contents
      1. Cloudwater Small Citra Simcoe Pale (2.9% Pale Ale)
      2. Loka Polly - Chinook Simcoe (6.0% IPA)
      3. Belching Beaver Milk Stout with Peanut Butter (5.3% Stout)

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