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Beer Packages:
  • 24 beers in a box, 3 unique beers each from different breweries - the more boxes you order the larger the variety
  • Personalised beer menus with tasting notes
  • Beer requests – we will do our utmost to fulfil your specific beer requests
  • Great beers for all tastes, including vegan-friendly, gluten or alcohol-free beers (contact us ahead of ordering)


2 x Box Options

Prices include VAT.  VAT invoice will be provided.


Great UK Breweries

  • Variety of craft beers and styles from across the UK – only the best. 
Example contents
    1. Wiper & True Kaleidoscope (4.2% Pale Ale)
    2. Pressure Drop Bosko (6.5% IPA)
    3. Tiny Rebel Stay Puff (5.2% Marshmallow Porter)


    Highly Regarded UK/International Beers

    • Well known and in-demand global craft beers. Some only available in limited quantities. 
    Example contents
      1. Cloudwater Small Citra Simcoe Pale (2.9% Pale Ale)
      2. Loka Polly - Chinook Simcoe (6.0% IPA)
      3. Belching Beaver Milk Stout with Peanut Butter (5.3% Stout)

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