Garage x Barth Haas Collab Double Lowball West Coast IPA 440ml (6.5%)

WCIPA collab with Barth Haas featuring Citra and Mosaic Spectrum, HBC586 BBC and El Dorado BBC Garage teamed up with Barth Haas hophead extraordinaire Benedikt Matsche for a West Coast IPA that is loaded with the finest hop products from Barth Haas. On the hot side Garage used Flex, a liquid hop bittering extract for less plant matter in the boil allowing for more hops to be added in the whirlpool and keeping plant matter to a minimum. Whirlpool hopped with Centennial Incognito, another liquid hop product that contains all of the oils and acids of pellets but with increased solubility for more aroma impact. The first dry hop was a liquid dose of Citra Spectrum, followed up mid fermentation with more Citra and Mosiac Spectrum. Finally post fermentation sees a heavy dose of El Dorado and HBC 586 BBC pellets for some peach and gobstopper. But don't be fooled by the list of newer school hops. This is has all of the bitter and resin that a west coast ipa should have!

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