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Garage Beer Co Spice DIPA 440ml (8%)
Garage Beer Co Spice DIPA 440ml (8%)

Strata hops displayed in all their glory, Garage style. This hop has certainly been the most talked about new hop variety of the last year (and perhaps the most adored hop to be released since Mosaic, perhaps destined to extend the holy hop trinity of Citra, Simcoe and Mosaic to a Quaternity!). This variety, is a result of Indie Hops breeding program and it shows extreme complexity amd versatility. Strata dominates in this DIPA, backed it up with a little sprinkle of Mosaic. Off the bat the complex notes of Strata shine through with a heady mix of Grapefruit, tropical fruits, a slight pear vibe and some dank. Combined with Mosaic. some extra pineapple and slight dank (even sweat but in a good way) add another layer to this beer but make no mistake this is all about Strata. Layered atop a full bodied, slightly sweet but sticky body this is like drinking a tropical fruit sorbet in the middle of a cannabis plantation.


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