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Garage Beer Co Citra Face Off DIPA 440ml (8%)
Garage Beer Co Citra Face Off DIPA 440ml (8%)

To get the fullest expression of Citra, Garage have used 4 different formats and dry hopped at 3 distinct stages. The formats are Spectrum, Cryo, T90 and BBC pellets. All offer different profiles which come together to create a harmonious, juicy character. Spectrum is a new liquified dry hop developed by Barth Haas which cuts down on the polyphenol contribution from the hops, therefore resulting in a smoother beer for the same level of hop intensity. Added at different stages it can present different characteristics. Heavy doses of Cryo pellets post fermentation produces impactful top notes while two distinct types of pellets, T90 and BBC provide the deeper and softer fruit characteristics. By pushing the oat content to higher levels than they typically do garage gave been able to really acentuate a soft, creamy body providing a delightfully moreish hoppy experience.

The resulting beer exudes notes of pineapple, tropical fruit salad and citrus peel


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