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Equilibrium Superfluidity DIPA 473ml (8.5%)
Equilibrium Superfluidity DIPA 473ml (8.5%)

Part of a big shipment of fresh American beer straight from NYC!

Superfluidity is a characteristic property of a fluid with zero viscosity which flows without any loss of kinetic energy. Superfluid whirlpools rotate indefinitely. Congratulations to Scott P. for being the next pick for the series!
Superfluidity starts off a base of 2 row, white wheat, and flaked oats for a super soft and creamy base. We then added a whirlpool of Citra and Simcoe before a dry hop of Citra, Simcoe, and Riwaka. Pouring hazy a vibrant yellow, it has aromas of citrus, and candied pineapple, with pursuant flavors of pine, orange gummies, Dole pineapple slices, dank earth, and berries with a touch of white pepper. The mouth feel is soft and the beer is crushable and juicy with a balanced pointed bitterness.


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