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Drop Project The Wave American Pale Ale  440ml (5.2%)
Drop Project The Wave American Pale Ale  440ml (5.2%) - indiebeer

The Wave American Pale Ale 5.2%. This is Drop Project's tribute to the iconic style American Pale Ale. The Beer so many of us fell in love with and helped them begin their craft beer journey as individuals and as an industry. This 5.2% Pale ale is a classic example of balance in style. Cascade and Chinook lay down a solid foundation of floral and pine notes and a helping of Citra adds tropical grapefruit and lime. 

The mouthfeel is balanced at its core with a gentle sweetness added from a liberal helping of Vienna malt. The bitterness provided by Columbus hops offers a gentle but flavoursome light bitter finish.

Drink fresh and reminisce! 

The can art is inspired by “The Wave” rock formation found in the Arizona desert. We couldn’t think of a better beer style to drink in a desert!


1 Personalised Beer Box
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