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Drop Project Straight Up - Simcoe IPA 440ml (5.8%)
Drop Project Straight Up - Simcoe IPA 440ml (5.8%)

Drop Project's first single hop release, and what a hop it is. The Simcoe on offer this year was nothing short of outstanding, so when it came to choosing what hop to take centre stage.... it really didn’t take them long to decide. With heaps of aromatics both green and tropical, bitterness and flavour its easy to see how this hop has become such a go to for so many. Brewed with their favourite selection of IPA Malt, Oat Malt, Flaked Oats and house yeast. The perfect foundation has been laid for the Simcoe to shine. Dry Hopped with a generous dash of Cryo it gives you that big ol' whack of citrus peel, pine and super ripe stone fruits, all rounded out with a classic gentle bitterness. Making for a real easy IPA drinking experience. 


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