Crossover Blendery Obsidian Wild Blackcurrant Sour Ale 750ml (6.5%)

We're super excited to be able to bring you this beer from Crossover Blendery, a small blendery operation located at The Grainworks in Hertfordshire, UK. They focus on producing 100% spontaneously fermented beers aged in traditional vessels such as oak barrels and aim is to source ingredients as close to the Blendery as possible by working with farmers and growers directly. Their work is seasonal. They brew in the cold months and fruit in the warm. Each beer they make is of that year and season and as such is totally unique. The way they make their beer and its eventual flavour characteristics blur the lines between beer and other fermented beverages. Many of the techniques, methods and concepts behind wine/cider/perry are also found in their process. They want to emphasise the ‘crossing over’ of beer into these other drinks which are often considered a distant and superior or inferior cousin. This is the first ever release to trade and we hope and pray there will be many more to come!

Here we bring you Obsidian, a pale wheat beer spontaneously fermented and aged for 10 months in neutral french oak barrels. The beer was moved onto whole Ben Gairn blackcurrants from Maynards Fruit Farm in East Sussex, where it refermented and rested on the fruit for 4 months before blending and packaging. Packaged with a small amount of priming sugar for natural carbonation in the bottle. Yeast isn't added at any point in the process and is purely wild in origin. Bottles are laid to rest on their side and conditioned until release.

Dark and reddy purple in appearance with voluminous pink head. Wonderfully fruit-forward in both aroma and taste. It is rich, and juicy, and fresh - a real homage to the blackcurrants used from that season. Bold minerality. Earthy finish.

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