Product Details

4) Tap Four - 1 litre of Draft Beer - Vault City Dragonfruit Sour (7.4%) (Local Delivery Only)

We will deliver 1 litre of beer to your door (£30 minimum order for Free Local Delivery).

Beer will be delivered in a plastic bottle.  If you would like to purchase a glass reusable bottle, please select the option including glass growler.

If you already own an indiebeer glass growler select the exchange option and we will bring a freshly filled bottle to swap with yours.

We only have 1 keg of each beer so check regularly for new beers.

The All-Important Beer Information!

This beer is neon pink. If you need to know more than that - fresh dragonfruit sourced from Vietnam and used over 200g/L in this beer – the aroma, colour and flavour is insane. It is also neon pink

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