Buxton Yellow belly - Ceased & Desisted Final Batch (Omnipollo collab) Imperial Stout 330ml (11%)

The Rainbow Project challenge created by Siren Craft Brew brought together 14 breweries to make 7 collaborative beers themed on the colours of the rainbow.

In 2014, Buxton drew ‘Yellow’ out of the hat and were paired up with Stockholm based Omnipollo. The 2 breweries decided that the prime meaning or idea expressed by the colour yellow is cowardice and this idea has been transposed into this beer. Support for fascist parties in various countries is much higher than is represented in face to face polls. Being a coward can mean many different things, but protesting anonymously at the expense of people’s freedom and right to co-exist without showing your face is one meaning that is particularly relevant right now.

This ‘Yellow’ beer is an 11% Peanut Butter and Biscuit Imperial Stout, dressed in the most hateful, cowardly-anonymous costume the 2 breweries could think of - that of the Ku Klux Klan. Whilst it makes a commentary on the current political winds blowing through Europe, is is above all, meant to be enjoyed as a celebration of all things new, open minded and progressive.

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