Office Beers

Enjoy Great Craft Beers With Your Colleagues.....

Party in a beer shop

  • Exclusive use of our shop for your event 
  •  Private curated beer tasting sessions 
  •  Food, music and entertainment options available

Great beer in your workplace 

  • Beer tasting events at your workplace 
  •  Bespoke selection of beers, with all tastes catered for

Office beers delivered to you

  • Looking for great craft beers for an event, or simply to treat your colleagues, celebrate success or simply wind down the week?
  • 24 beers in a box, 3 unique beers each from different breweries - the more boxes you order the larger the variety
  • Personalised beer menus with tasting notes 
  • We will do our utmost to fulfil your specific beer requests.  We stock great beers for all tastes, including vegan-friendly, gluten or alcohol free beers (contact us ahead of ordering)

Please do get in touch as we are very happy to discuss any of this over the phone or by email.    

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