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Siren Odyssey 011 Barrel Aged Imperial Stout 375ml (11.5%)
Siren Odyssey 011 Barrel Aged Imperial Stout 375ml (11.5%) - indiebeer

A blend of some of the finest dark beers in Siren's barrel store, offering indulgent chocolate notes accented with subtle spice and cacao husks. Resonant with beautiful barrel character.

Siren's Odyssey range is a collection of beers that have been blended. Sometimes a blend of the same beer in different barrels, sometimes very different beers that work together in a way that makes the sum greater than the individual parts.

This latest Odyssey from Siren goes back to the roots of the project, with a blended Imperial Stout. Featuring a select mix of some of the finest dark beers from the barrel store, Odyssey 011 sings with rich chocolate notes and an experience akin to liquor-soaked fruit cake, with some fresh Irish cream on the nose.

Odyssey 011 is built from a majority of Bourbon barrels, with the addition of one or two rogue rum barrels, however there are decadent Sherry notes that really shine here. It's a beer that sticks around with delicious liquorice character.

When you consider that beers like Trubbel and Siren's highest ever rated beer, Dark & Perilous Nights, make up some of the blend, it's no wonder this one is so full of flavour.

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