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Little Earth Project Raspberry, Mint & Cocoa Nib Sour 750ml (5.4%)

Little Earth love experimenting with flavours so when they emptied a 500L Butt containing a cocoa nib sour, they decided to fill it with something that would compliment the flavours of this slightly chocolatey barrel. During the summer, they approached a local fruit farm to see what they had available and were pleased to find a load of raspberries that were too ripe to sell but perfect for them! They added more organic cocoa nibs and the flavour started to develop a clean sourness with a cocoa aroma. It was missing something though, a herbal note to act as seasoning and bring the beer together. Wild organic corn mint provided that glue. Foraged from their own field, it added a zesty but not overpowering, minty note.

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