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Northern Monk Patrons Project 25.03: Montage - Mosaic Single Hop DDH IPA 440ml (6.5%)

For this years Hop City official beer Northern Monk decided to invite some of the up-and-coming talent of Europe in the form of Popihn, Soma and FrauGruber to join us in creating their annual salutation to the humble hop.

This double IPA at 9.5% showcases HBC692, one of the most exciting experimental varieties coming through Yakima Chief’s breeding program. It has an exceptionally high oil content which leads to a really resinous profile with prominent notes of pink grapefruit as well as pine and tropical fruit which make it suited to a wide range of IPA styles. Supported with the unique pina colada character of Sabro and the signature tropical fruit vibrancy of Citra, both utilised in T90 pellet and Cryo™ format.

A total of 32g/l of hopping across whirlpool and dry hop is supported by a New England IPA base loaded with multiple oat formats and some malted wheat; all ideal for building the silkiest and fullest mouthfeel for this juicy double IPA.

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