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Double Barrelled Judith On Tambourine IPA 440ml (7.2%)
Double Barrelled Judith On Tambourine IPA 440ml (7.2%)

Big tropical nose from the Galaxy, Citra and Mosaic hops, follows with a soft mouthfeel and abundance of ripe, juicy stone fruit and soft peaches, complemented by the yeast character. No bitterness, this soft and hazy 7.2% IPA hides it's ABV rather too well. Dangerous.

Are you wondering about that name as well? Well, then this is what the crew at Double Barrelled had to say...
...If an alien landed on earth and had never heard music what would you play it to explain popular music?" - This question was posed in the brewery and quickly prompted a google search for bestselling pop songs of all time.
Which brought the 60's Aussie folk band The Seekers to our attention featuring 'Judith on Tambourine' which made them giggle. Judith has 3 band mates so keep an eye out for 3 new beers in Double Barrelled's unlikely series of Aussie folk brews

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