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Lowlander Wit Low Alcohol 330ml (0.00%)
Lowlander Wit Low Alcohol 330ml (0.00%) - indiebeer

0% alcohol with 100% fruity flavour

The idea for Lowlander stems from the brewery owners background working in a UK gin distillery where he fell in love with botanicals and the fascinating world of cocktails. Having grown up on beer in the Netherlands it seemed only logical that he should wonder what would happen if you brewed rather than distilled these botanicals. And so the idea or Lowlander beer was born.

For this Wit recipe, Lowlander worked with PeelPioneers to collected discarded Lemon and Orange peels from bars and restaurants to brew their first ever 0% beer. Dive in! Thi beer is perfect with light, spicy dishes as well as seafood.

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